Why Texas Courts Will Stop ‘Nickel-and-Diming’ the Poor

A new law could alleviate hardship for those thrown into debt—or jail—because of mounting fines. But does it go far enough?

“Debtors’ prisons were outlawed nationally in 1833, but their essential function nevertheless persists in states across the country, and penalties are imposed for crimes large and small. In Texas last year, 95 percent of warrants stemmed from outstanding fines. Also in 2016, the state jailed 640,000 people who couldn’t pay their debts for minor, ostensibly fine-only offenses—like public intoxication, missing a stop sign while driving, or letting a dog run loose where it’s supposed to be leashed.”



Since Trump’s Election, Increased Attention to Politics – Especially Among Women

Most find it stressful to talk politics with those who differ on Trump

Democrats are about three times as likely as Republicans to say they have attended a political event (22% vs. 7%). Among Democrats, there are gender, age, race and education differences in the shares saying they have participated in a political event, rally or protest.

The survey also finds that, despite the nation’s deep political divisions, majorities of both Republicans (56%) and Democrats (59%) say that even though people in the opposing party feel differently about politics, they share “many of my other values and goals.”



Crisis pregnancy centers must post disclaimers stating ‘Not a health care facility’ under King County rule