I-405 toll lanes missing one key benchmark after two years

“The legislature required WSDOT keep traffic moving at least 45 mph for 90 percent of peak periods. Not all sections of I-405 meet that requirement. Single lane sections are only hitting the target 72 percent of the time, according data recorded through the end of June. WSDOT says these numbers are improving.”




FBI investigating off-duty work by Seattle police at construction sites, parking garages



5 facts about government debt around the world

The United States has more government debt than any other country analyzed

As a share of its GDP, Japan’s gross debt far exceeds that of all other nations analyzed

Norway’s GDP far outweighs its net debt

Brazil spends more than any other country analyzed on debt interest payments as a share of revenue

Debt as a percentage of GDP increased in 34 of 43 countries between 2006 and 2016