Subway highlights high business costs in Seattle



Judge: State can sue detention center over inmate pay

“Washington state can pursue its lawsuit seeking to force one of the nation’s largest privately run immigration detention centers to pay minimum wage for work done by detainees, a federal judge in Tacoma ruled Wednesday”

“GEO pays detainees $1 per day to volunteer for tasks such as janitorial or kitchen work. Washington’s minimum wage is $11 per hour. The state wants GEO to give up the profits it has made by relying on detainee labor over the past decade — potentially millions of dollars”

Spokane weighs measure for ‘fair chance’ hiring

…if the proposed ordinance is approved, employers in Spokane won’t be able to use criminal conviction or arrest records to make employment decisions until a potential employee has been interviewed.

The proposed ordinance, set to be discussed at Monday’s council meeting, also says employers in Spokane can’t advertise job openings in a way that excludes anyone with a criminal history.

Health Care Costs Are the Reason You’re Not Getting a Raise

“According to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, inflation-adjusted wages have grown by just 2.7 percent in the last 40 years. But inflation-adjusted total compensation—wages plus fringe benefits, such as health insurance, disability insurance, and paid vacation, along with employer-paid Social Security and Medicare taxesincreased by more than 60 percent in the same period.”