The American Health-Care System Increases Income Inequality


Allowing Nurse Practitioners to Practice Independently Can Make Health Care More Affordable

…let nurse practitioners practice medicine independently, rather than under the thumb of a supervising physician, after a probationary period of supervision.

…rules limiting nurse practitioners “are related not to their ability, education or training, or safety concerns, but to the political decisions of the state in which they work,” and because “most studies showed that NP-provided care is comparable to physician-provided care on several process and outcome measures. Moreover, the studies suggest that NPs may provide improved access to care.”

…giving nurses a greater scope of practice helps bring costs down by as much as 35 percent, with higher levels of patient satisfaction.

HB 2355 and SB 6062, to create a state reinsurance pool to care for people with high-cost medical conditions

Before enactment of the ACA, Washington state had an effective, viable state-based high-risk pool for its individual health insurance market. The state high-risk pool ensured that patients with high health care costs could get insurance coverage.  The ACA now directs money into the state health insurance exchanges and into the expansion of Medicaid instead.  As a result, the successful Washington State Health Insurance Pool (WSHIP) is currently not taking new enrollees and is scheduled to end in 2022.

HB 2409: Requires all insurance to provide free contraceptives and abortion

Introduced by Rep Cody (D-34) of Seattle, sponsored by numerous Seattle/Eastside legislators