Promising Gains for Washington’s Charter Public School Students

Details on how minorities and students in poverty are outperforming their public school counterparts.


School choice for me but not for thee – Seattle’s liberal mayoral candidates want private education for themselves but not for others

Seattle has more private schools (119) than public schools (98).  It also has one of the highest private school attendance rates in the country (30 percent).

Interview with New York Success Academy Charter School Founder Eva Moskowitz

“The data in New York City shows that charter schools don’t harm district schools. In Central Harlem, where 51 percent of elementary school students now attend charters, the level of district school performance hasn’t declined. If you look collectively at district and charter-school performance, in 2006, Central Harlem was 28th out of New York City’s 32 school districts. Now it’s 14th.

The phenomenon of parents of means and social capital getting an advantage is in fact more pernicious in the district schools where, unlike charters, many schools screen their students or have admissions criteria or have very small zones with expensive expensive housing. In New York City, the idea that district schools advance equality is a myth.”

“I think it’s fairly unique to define the end goal of K-12 schooling as helping students become better thinkers, more creative thinkers, and to organize the whole school around creative and critical thinking. That’s not how most schools in America would describe their mission…”

“The most common thing that a parent will say to me is—and it makes me cry every time—before Success I had an older child, and I couldn’t save my older kid but I was able to save my younger child.