We’re Spending Too Much on Defense

About $700 billion per year

More than the 8 next largest world powers

Cut it in half and you could give every American $900/year

We have bases in 80 countries, with 200,000 deployed troops, costing $150 billion per year




5 facts about government debt around the world

The United States has more government debt than any other country analyzed

As a share of its GDP, Japan’s gross debt far exceeds that of all other nations analyzed

Norway’s GDP far outweighs its net debt

Brazil spends more than any other country analyzed on debt interest payments as a share of revenue

Debt as a percentage of GDP increased in 34 of 43 countries between 2006 and 2016



5 facts about the national debt

  1. Total: $19.8 trillion federal debt
  2. Higher than GDP
  3. $5.48 trillion is owed to other federal government agencies
  4. Interest payments are $276.2 billion/year, or 6.8% of all spending
  5. Government is paying artificially low rates due to Fed setting low interest rates