WSDOT Toll Division Annual Report FY 2017


Gov. Inslee signs supplemental budget boosting K-12 spending, one-time property tax decrease for 2019

SB 5955 passes Senate, takes over $500 million from children’s fund for Sound Transit to offset tab reduction

Governor’s Results Washington Initiative: Housing and Homelessness

Data from the state on housing and homelessness.

Washington is #5 in homelessness behind Oregon, California, New York, Hawaii.

Data shows that the main cause of homelessness is housing supply, and though addiction is a problem it is not the main factor.


Treasurer: Washington should put income boost toward debt

State Treasurer Duane Davidson says the money could go to repay a portion of the $21 billion the state has racked up in debt, making it the nation’s sixth-most indebted on a per-resident basis, according to S&P Global Ratings.