LGBTQ bills advance in the senate

SB 5722: Bans conversation therapy
SB 5700: Requires LGBTQ needs training for healthcare providers


Inslee talks education, carbon tax and opioid crisis

HB 2547/SB 6358: Removing Certificate of Need requirements for kidney treatment facilities

Introduced by Sen O’Ban (R-28), Rep Muri (R-28) from Pierce County

HB 2409: Requires all insurance to provide free contraceptives and abortion

Introduced by Rep Cody (D-34) of Seattle, sponsored by numerous Seattle/Eastside legislators


Wait Times for Health Care in Canada Hit Record Highs

This edition of Waiting Your Turn indicates that, overall, waiting times for medically necessary treatment have in-creased since last year. Specialist physicians surveyed report a median waiting time of 21.2 weeks between referral from a general practitioner and receipt of treatment—longer than the wait of 20.0 weeks reported in 2016. This year’s wait time—the longest ever recorded in this survey’s history—is 128% longer than in 1993, when it was just 9.3 weeks.

45th district Dems give priority preview

  • Capital budget
  • Hirst decision
  • Reproductive rights
  • Voter registration
  • Carbon tax
  • Single-payer healthcare
  • Police killings

For the first time, more Americans say 2010 health care law has had a positive than negative impact on U.S.

Today, more Americans say the 2010 health care overhaul has had a mostly positive than mostly negative effect on the country (44% versus 35%), while 14% say it has not had much effect.

Overall support for the health care law also has grown since last year. Currently, 56% of the public approves of the law while 38% disapproves, according to a new national survey by Pew Research Center, conducted Nov. 29-Dec. 4. The law drew majority approval for the first time in February, when 54% expressed support for it.

Today, about as many say its effect on them and their families has been mostly positive (28%) as say mostly negative (24%); nearly half (48%) say it has not had much personal effect.