Allowing Nurse Practitioners to Practice Independently Can Make Health Care More Affordable

…let nurse practitioners practice medicine independently, rather than under the thumb of a supervising physician, after a probationary period of supervision.

…rules limiting nurse practitioners “are related not to their ability, education or training, or safety concerns, but to the political decisions of the state in which they work,” and because “most studies showed that NP-provided care is comparable to physician-provided care on several process and outcome measures. Moreover, the studies suggest that NPs may provide improved access to care.”

…giving nurses a greater scope of practice helps bring costs down by as much as 35 percent, with higher levels of patient satisfaction.


HB 2547/SB 6358: Removing Certificate of Need requirements for kidney treatment facilities

Introduced by Sen O’Ban (R-28), Rep Muri (R-28) from Pierce County

How Certificates of Need Killed a Baby in Virginia

LewisGale was willing to spend the money to build and staff a new NICU. It had nearly unanimous support from the Roanoke-Salem community. Still, after months of consideration, the state Department of Health’s Division of Certificate of Public Need sided with Ackerman and Carilion. Building a NICU at LewisGale, the bureaucrats concluded, “would foster institutional competition.”

Even when a direct conflict of interest is not present on the boards governing CON licensing processes, the process allows incumbent businesses to object to new competition, as Carilion did when LewisGale proposed building a NICU.

The result is to give incumbent businesses what critics call a “competitors’ veto.”