The Corrupt Politics of Low-Income Housing


HB 2673: WA sales tax breaks for data centers

Crony tax break on sales tax for tech corporations.

Rep. Springer (D-45), who introduced the bill, received the legally maximum donations to his upcoming 2018 campaign from Comcast, Charter Communications, AT&T, T-Mobile, Microsoft, Amazon, and a number of other tech companies in the data service business.

Honest Politicians Won’t Fix Corruption – Private Activism Can

“Too often, the fight against corruption serves as a mechanism of political repression. The world’s autocrats exploit popular intolerance of venal politicians to eliminate their rivals.”

“In Brazil, a group of data-analysis experts has used artificial intelligence techniques to monitor public officials. They focused narrowly on limiting fraud among members of congress seeking reimbursements for their travel and food expenses; after getting crowdfunding for the startup costs, they created Rosie, an Artificial Intelligence robot that analyzes the reimbursement requests of lawmakers and calculates the probability that they are justified. To no one’s surprise, Rosie found that the deputies often cheated. The team gave Rosie her own Twitter account, and her followers are instantly notified if a member of congress tries to charge the government for expenses that have nothing to do with his or her work.”

“Rosie is just one small example showing the positive trends and new possibilities in the fight against corruption—it reveals the power of a well-organized civil society combined with technological innovation and information transparency in the public sector.”