Gun regulations draw an overflow crowd to hearing

SB 5992: Bump stocks
SB 6049: High capacity magazines ban (but not for law enforcement)
SB 5444: More background checks for rifles
SB 5463: Civil actions for improper firearm storage
SB 6146: Local gun regulations


$11 million from South Lake Union property sale proposed for Seattle homeless crisis


Inslee talks education, carbon tax and opioid crisis

Police recommend false reporting charge for Seattle candidate

The case against Sheley Secrest involves the city’s taxpayer-funded “democracy-voucher” program.

Washington AG sues Value Village, claiming thrift-shop chain isn’t as charitable as it seems

TVI, which owns 330 Value Village, Savers and other thrift-shop stores around the world,filed a pre-emptive suit against the Attorney General’s Office this past week.

The company argued the AG office’s demand to know the percentage of sales proceeds that go to charities violates its free-speech rights. And it said the attorney general wanted a $3.2 million settlement even though the request didn’t appear to be connected to any legal violations.