States sue U.S. over policy tying funds to immigration compliance


Google Stops Accepting Political Ads from Washington State as New Disclosure Rules Take Effect

The state of Washington sues Facebook and Google for not keeping track of election ads

Attorney General Busts Landlords Denying Disabled Veterans Housing Who Pay With VASH

State takes aim at opioid crisis

In an effort to tackle the opioid addiction epidemic, state legislators, Attorney General Bob Ferguson, and Democratic Governor Jay Inslee are rolling out legislation to limit opioid prescriptions and invest in drug treatment infrastructure.

Washington AG sues Value Village, claiming thrift-shop chain isn’t as charitable as it seems

TVI, which owns 330 Value Village, Savers and other thrift-shop stores around the world,filed a pre-emptive suit against the Attorney General’s Office this past week.

The company argued the AG office’s demand to know the percentage of sales proceeds that go to charities violates its free-speech rights. And it said the attorney general wanted a $3.2 million settlement even though the request didn’t appear to be connected to any legal violations.