King County sues big oil companies for downplaying global warming


King County panel recommends overhaul of police deadly-force inquests

“…the six-member review committee recommended that county judges and prosecutors no longer oversee inquests and that they be replaced with hearing examiners and staff attorneys.”

Critics say draft plan from King County task force on homelessness underwhelms

County officials say that while potential revenue sources and the financial costs of the draft recommendations may be discussed at that mid-April meeting, the taskforce wasn’t chartered to identify revenue sources for its recommendations.

‘Leveling of the playing field’: Families of those killed by police to get attorneys in King County inquests

Dow Constantine personally writes article attacking successful Woodinville winery over zoning issues

Statement from owner Jeff Otis on Woodinville Neighbors:

“I don’t want to justify our behavior, correct some of the content in this article, or try and clarify our intentions on this specific event. I’m just going to say I’m sorry to the local residents that this event upset. I want to represent Woodinville as best as I can, and promote our area to as many people as I can, so I feel bad that those efforts have angered and upset some of our neighbors. We are hopeful, of course, that King County will vote to enable us to continue running daily tasting room operations and continue hosting larger-scale events that bring our community together in some pretty cool ways. It sounds like that will no longer be through our annual White Party, and that’s okay. We’re happy to continue hosting live music nights and non-profit fundraisers and farm-to-table dinners and kids movie nights. But if King County wants to restrict the use of our property, and not allow for those types of gatherings, or not allow for us to operate a tasting room on our property, then we’ll respect their decision. But, I’m proud of what we’ve built. I’m proud of the model we’ve tried to showcase as an example of what can work moving forward. I’m proud of the organic farm we’ve planted on site, and the farm tours we are now giving to our wine tasting guests. I’m proud of the CSA program we’ve launched. I’m proud of the history we can teach our visitors about what Woodinville has always been. We are fully aware that long before Woodinville was wine country, it was farm country. And we think there’s an incredible opportunity to marry food and wine together in a rural, authentic, and natural experience that is so fitting for our region. I fear that Woodinville Wine Country is going to turn into Woodinville Wine City and completely miss what can be so special about our specific setting. As much as we like to champion being the “Napa of the North”, the reality is we don’t have vineyards here. We have farms. So the only way to produce a country-like experience for the hundreds of thousands of visitors we now welcome every year is to find ways to get farms and wineries and tasting rooms working together. And I still believe it can be done, and should be done. But we’ll find out.”

Sound Transit CEO Peter Rogoff to host fundraiser for ex-chairman Dow Constantine