Saudi Lobbyists Fought Against Measures to End Yemen War


WA Poll: Politics of Resentment & The Urban-Rural Divide

To assess the “politics of resentment” here in the Evergreen State, The Elway Poll asked voters whether a variety of political entities had a generally favorable or unfavorable opinion of “people like you.”

The 2016 election tore a hole in the Cascade Curtain model, when several coastal counties. This has prompted a consideration of the “urban-rural divide” Washington politics, paralleling the national exercise. We sliced the geography thinner to compare legislative districts won by the respective candidates to account for political diversity within counties.




Since Trump’s Election, Increased Attention to Politics – Especially Among Women

Most find it stressful to talk politics with those who differ on Trump

Democrats are about three times as likely as Republicans to say they have attended a political event (22% vs. 7%). Among Democrats, there are gender, age, race and education differences in the shares saying they have participated in a political event, rally or protest.

The survey also finds that, despite the nation’s deep political divisions, majorities of both Republicans (56%) and Democrats (59%) say that even though people in the opposing party feel differently about politics, they share “many of my other values and goals.”