Gov. Inslee signs supplemental budget boosting K-12 spending, one-time property tax decrease for 2019


Property-tax Q&A: Why is your King County bill going up so much — and where is the money going?

King County seniors air frustration over property tax hike at Kirkland City Hall

The Assessor came to talk about how seniors could lower their property taxes, and they aired their grievances.

State forecasts revenue increases of over $4 billion for 2019-2021, over $7 billion for 2021-2023, increase of $671 million to 2017-2019 forecast

Cumulative major General Fund-State (GF-S) revenue collections from November 11, 2017 through February 10, 2018 were $185 million (3.5%) higher than forecasted in November.

Finding: State budget increases show Washington’s public schools are not underfunded

In recent years, the state legislature has enacted massive increases in state spending for public schools.  In the 2017-19 state budget school district superintendents are receiving an increase of $3.8 billion from the legislature, bringing average per-student spending to $13,243, more than the tuition at many private schools.

A car tab fix is long overdue: a review of legislation that tries again to provide people with car tab relief

Senate Bill 5955/House Bill 2201 and Senate Bill 6303 are three bills that would provide varying degrees of car tab tax relief to the public.