Washington, Idaho officials say saving roadkill makes sense





Can Seattle Handle Its Own Growth?

“Three-fourths of those surveyed said they believed it would be best for their career and family life to remain in the Seattle area, and about two-thirds said that young people would have more economic opportunity if they remained as well. About two-thirds likewise described the local job market as good or excellent. Two-thirds said the region was moving in a positive direction.
But 70 percent of those surveyed said the city was unprepared to handle its growth. Another 70 percent agreed the region ‘is growing in a way that is benefiting only a few and making it too difficult for average families to live here.’ Strikingly those views were almost as prevalent among those who had moved to Seattle as adults as they were among lifelong residents. Over half of those surveyed gave negative marks to the region’s transportation mobility and two-thirds gave poor ratings to its housing affordability.”



Sound Transit sues to get more than 50 properties for Link light rail