SB 5955 passes Senate, takes over $500 million from children’s fund for Sound Transit to offset tab reduction


Report details racism, rough treatment by Sound Transit chief

I-405 toll lanes are cutting traffic times — but not by enough

[T]oll lanes are failing to meet speed benchmarks set by the Legislature that require cars in the toll lanes maintain an average speed of 45 mph or faster, 90 percent of the time during peak periods. To meet the obligatory rates of speed, one recommendation is to raise the top rate above the current maximum of $10.

A car tab fix is long overdue: a review of legislation that tries again to provide people with car tab relief

Senate Bill 5955/House Bill 2201 and Senate Bill 6303 are three bills that would provide varying degrees of car tab tax relief to the public.

Bill that would reduce car tab rates passes the state House

Traffic’s going to worsen, but don’t worry, there’s a $40B plan

By 2040, planners hope to see the Everett-to-Seattle trip take 95 minutes by car. That’s six minutes longer than today, but six minutes faster than what it would be without improvements, according to the forecasts. Hopping on light rail from Everett to Seattle would take 65 minutes.
The Lynnwood-to-Bellevue trip by road could end up two minutes faster than today, at 59 minutes.

Sound Transit sues to get more than 50 properties for Link light rail